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Mesotherapy, Bio-revitalization

December 28, 2018

For Face,neck,chest,hands. Hair biorevitalization with Dr.Cyj filler Hair mesotherapy with cocktails Biorevitalization Hair HYALURONIC ACID and ACTIVE PEPTIDES – the formula of the Dr. Cyj hair filler complex! Helps prevent hair loss, strengthens hair follicles, promotes hair growth, with extended release technology! Beauty clinic would like to let you know about global news – Dr. Cyj’s first hair loss filler, with hyaluronic...

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Safety during dermal filler injections: ask for Micro Cannula needles to achieve better results

November 24, 2018

Dermal fillers injections are the procedure carried out through needles, when various bio-active agents are injected into upper layers of skin, therefore the type of needles, which is being used during the procedure, plays a significant role. Ashbourne Dental & Medical beautician Sandra Balanaite graduated special courses to improve her skills of performing dermal fillers injections with Micro Cannula needles. This type of needles is the...

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