Revolution ahead of innovation

This slogan best delivers the 2019 world news – the product of the world leader in innovative biomimetic peptide manufacturer CAREGEN Dermaheal Ultimatum PTx – a revolutionary tools designed not only for professional, but also for home use, which acts as a botulinum toxin, but – without toxin!

What are the effects of Dermaheal Ultimatum PTx?

*smoothes wrinkles;

*tightens the enlarged pores;

*reduces redness and pigmentation;

*firms the skin;

*reduces the release of sebum;

*provides a healthy, non-greasy skin effect.

In which areas are procedures carried out?

*Face area;

*Area around eyes;

*Eye and forehead areas.

Is this procedure also suitable for men?

Yes, this procedure is suitable not only for women but also for men. This procedure is great for both everyday and important celebration – with unique and natural composition with biomimetic peptides you will avoid allergic reactions or other unpleasant senses. All that will be left is joy once a couple of years will be brushed away from your appearance!

Only €70