For Face,neck,chest,hands.

Hair biorevitalization with Dr.Cyj filler

Hair mesotherapy with cocktails

Biorevitalization Hair

HYALURONIC ACID and ACTIVE PEPTIDES – the formula of the Dr. Cyj hair filler complex!

Helps prevent hair loss, strengthens hair follicles, promotes hair growth, with extended release technology!
Beauty clinic would like to let you know about global news – Dr. Cyj’s first hair loss filler, with hyaluronic acid and biomimetic peptides, growth factors, enzymes, trace elements,  minerals and vitamins.


Bio-revitalization pure hyaluronic acid is applied in the skin, with Mesotherapy it is a special cocktail based on this acid enriched with vitamins, minerals and other beneficial elements chosen specifically for each patient according to the type and state of their complexion.

Each of these methods has its own indication and is suitable for different skin type. All of them are, however, very easy and undemanding for the patient and there is no recovery time needed afterwards. Beauty clinic specialist Sandra would gladly advice you in person whichever is the right choice for you.