Biorevitalization is a procedure which helps biologically revive skin and activate its vital and defensive functions. During the treatment a small amount of free hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin with a thin needle. The point of injection becomes a little bit turgid and irrigation of the skin starts. The synthesis of collagen is stimulated, the skin starts to produce its own hyaluronic acid and new skin fibers are formed. The patient starts to feel the improvement of the skin in no time. To achieve the long-term effect clients usually need to repeat the procedure 2 to 4 times, in 2-4 week interval. This results in a“glowing skin” reaction, which means that the structure of the skin improves, the relief and tone of the skin evens out, the skin becomes more elastic and moisturized.  Even the smallest wrinkles disappear. Impregnating skin with hyaluronic acid stimulates skin and it renews itself.

BIOREVITALIZATION is performed in case of:

  • Before or after procedures which affects skin integrity, eg. chemical peeling, dermabrasion, laser procedures, plastic surgeries;
  • Before sunbaths as well as seeking to revitalize skin after sun exposure, i.e., holidays;
  • In any case of dry and dehydrated skin;
  • For women after pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Ageing prophylaxis;
  • Tired, greyish, smoker’s skin;
  • After stress;
  • Inadequate nutrition.

Usually, the biorevitalization procedures are performed in the areas of face, neck, décolletage and hands; the areas which are mostly damaged by sun. The procedure lasts 30-60 minutes respectively, depending on the area.


  • Pregnancy and lactation period;
  • Uncontrolled epilepsy;
  • Autoimmune diseases;
  • Acute infectious diseases.


  • Number of procedures – Biorevitalization requires 3 procedures, Mesotherapy – 5 to 10 procedures.

Effect of procedure. The result of biorevitalization procedure is immediate because during the procedure pure hyaluronic acid is injected.

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