Prostrolane Natural B – A new generation of peptide technology for skin brightening

Prostrolane Natural B are innovative injection preparations – providing new possibilities for the appearance of your skin!

Get great aesthetic results with new generation biomimetic peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Natural beauty with Prostrolane Natural – B

Skin renewal effect

New-generation peptides and purified hyaluronic acid with prolonged-release technology!

The innovative properties of the product and its exclusive production technology ensure an effective result:

▪️suspension of ageing processes: the unique composition of the product provides a naturally renewed skin effect. It intensively moisturises the skin, produces a lifting effect, provides anti – age therapy in the periorbital area, and reduces wrinkles;

▪️improves skin elasticity, stimulates skin cell renewal, stimulates the synthesis of skin’s own hyaluronic acid and collagen;

▪️cross-connections enhance the result of rejuvenation and provide a longer -lasting effect.

Recommended number of procedures:

1 procedure every 2 weeks. A total of 2 courses.

The first results are visible after the first procedure: it improves skin tone and the tone of the skin starts to glow increasingly. The skin structure is renewed, and it becomes much more elastic and firm. The skin is noticeably rejuvenated, wrinkles are reduced, and a “face lifting” effect is achieved for the skin. The procedure restores and rejuvenates the self-regenerative functions of the skin.

Serums for effect prolongation and home care