Dermal fillers injections are the procedure carried out through needles, when various bio-active agents are injected into upper layers of skin, therefore the type of needles, which is being used during the procedure, plays a significant role. Ashbourne Dental & Medical beautician Sandra Balanaite graduated special courses to improve her skills of performing dermal fillers injections with Micro Cannula needles.

This type of needles is the solution offering stronger maintenance of the safety during dermal filler injections and achievement of better results.

„Micro cannula needles have a blunt – tip and are designed for atraumatic intradermal injections of fluids, so they leave virtually no bruising, cause considerably less pain, minimizes down-time, take single point of entry for wider coverage and increases production of new collagen“, – says beautician Sandra Balanaite, as she names the advantages in comparison with traditional hypodermic needles.

Also clients should appreciate the flexibility of the cannula needles. It is significantly more maneuverable than traditional hypodermic needles and will make the insertion to the target area much simple and precise. Single port of entry can be used for mutiple directional injections of the filler solution. Depending on the size of the inter diameter, it can be used either for fat transfer, of for the injection of fillers, like Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, poly – L – lactic acid, CaHA, etc.

Another important aspect worthy to note is that traditional hypodermic needle with a sharp end can cut small veins and puncture in to blood vessels. This in turn will cause much severe bruising and prolonged down time. In comparison Micro cannula needles with blunt – tip edge can safely bypass small veins and blood vessels without injuring them.

At Ashbourne Dental & Medical clinic patients’ health is our top priority. Our beautician Sandra Balanaite a lot of attention to the well-being of her clients and the safety of the procedures, therefore she performs dermal fillers injections using procedures of the Micro Cannula needles. Traditional hypodermic needles can be used upon client’s request.

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